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Elysha Bedell Court Documents and Updates

Charges Filled Against Elysha Bedell Regarding April 16th Arrest

We are finally learning more about Elysha Bedell as court documents become available. The first, a Probable Cause Statement, was filled on November 17th 2023 but is addressing a crime that happened on April 16th, 2023.

According to this document, a 2014 white Chevy Traverse was stolen in Nixa on April 15th, 2023. That same night, five other vehicles in the area were broken into and at least two handguns were stolen from other vehicles.

The car was spotted by a FLOCK camera and an officer in the area began traveling in the same direction, spotting the stolen vehicle at the Kum & Go located at 2150 S. Glenstone.

The Driver, a 16 year old juvenile, fled through the back of the store but two suspects sitting in the car were arrested. Both people in the car has handguns in their possession, one in his waistband and the other in a bag. Also located in the car was some marijuana, a THC vape cartridge, and 17 oxycodone pills.

The juvenile was eventually located.

When interviewing the two suspects that had been in the car, both were evasive.

At the end of this statement, it is mentioned that while one of the suspects has no prior arrests or convictions, he was the suspect in a shooting incident on 7/30/2019, during which he also sustained gunshot wounds that left him paralyzed. The victim was uncooperative, however, so no charged were filled.

Read the statement:

Probable Cause Statement Regarding Murder of Chaviz Nguyen

A Probably Cause Statement was also released regarding the 11/14/23 murder of Chaviz Nguyen.

According to this statement, the car was “full of dudes” and followed the couple from the area of the United States Medical Center. The cars separated for a while, but the dark gray sedan was spotted again downtown. At the intersection of Grant and College, at least one person in the dark gray sedan opened fire, hitting Nguyen’s Chevy Cruze multiple times.

Nguyen’s partner, who is not named in this statement so we will not be naming her at this time, despite being shot, drove towards downtown knowing that there would be more people and she could get help for herself, Nguyen, and their unborn child.

Unfortunately, Chaviz Nguyen was pronounced dead at the scene. Officers recovered an assortment of .40 caliber casings, .223 caliber casings, and 1 9mm casing upon arriving and securing the scene.

While police has a description of the vehicle, they also had a very important tip. On 11/15, information was received regarding a shooting which occurred on 11/13 where a large amount of .40 caliber shell casings were recovered. From this incident, a license plate was captured of a Chevy Malibu that was registered to the girlfriend of a person of interest in other recent crimes, including a shooting on 11/13/23.

From here, everything unravelled. Police responded to the address where the Malibu was registered and quickly apprehending the first juvenile suspect. After continuing to the apartment door, the first suspect’s girlfriend exited followed shortly by the second juvenile suspect and Elysha Bedell.

According to the girlfriend, there may be some connection between Elysha Bedell and a friend of Nguyen regarding a homicide earlier this year, but judging by the fact that Bedell and others involved seem to have a habit of driving around shooting out of cars, I am not putting much stock in her statement.

All of the suspects involved have thus far declined to provide a statement to police.

Read the Statement:

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