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Prepare for New Year Festivities – Designated Driver Resources

No one plans to drive home drunk, but sometimes inebriated minds make choices sober ones wouldn’t. Avoid this possibility by planning your way home early for your New Years celebrations. Whether you plan to have a Designated Drive in your group or plan to call a cab, everyone is safer when a plan is in place.

Impaired drivers account for about 20% of traffic fatalities in Missouri, and this number rose in 2020 compared to years past. Between holiday alcohol consumption, the nationwide opioid crises and increasing use of marijuana among drivers, Missouri is working to make strides to address impaired driving.

Designated Driver Service – Safe Rides LCC

For $12.50 plus $2.00 per mile, Safe Rides LLC will transport you and your car to your home after a night out. They cover Springfield, Ozark, Nixa, Willard, Clever, and Republic for the same rate. No more getting a cab the next morning to hunt for your car.

Phone: 417-234-8995


Free Drinks For Your Designated Driver

If you have a trusted friend that has agreed to be a designated driver, take advantage of the CHEERS program at many local establishments. Bars, restaurants and nightclubs participating in CHEERS provide FREE non-alcoholic beverages to the acknowledged designated drive in a group of two or more.

Check out the list of CHEERS establishments in Springfield, which includes many downtown favorites such as Martha’s Vineyard, Flame, Big Whiskeys, and many more.

Book a Rideshare

Using Uber or Lyft on New Year’s may leave you waiting in the cold on a busy night, but it’s a far better alternative to driving home under the influence.

Use code WEB50LYFT for 50% off your first five rides.

Uber offers a variety of promo codes for new riders.

Remember, Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over. Which really would be the least of your worries if you drive impaired this holiday season.

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