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Dallas County Sheriff Shares Details in Cassidy Rainwater Investigation

Charges of Murder and Abandonment of a Corpse have been added to James Phelps who has a scheduled hearing on November 19th at 1:30pm. Timothy Norton will appear in court on November 23rd at 3:00pm and has also had 1st Degree Murder and Abandonment of a Corpse added to his charges.

In a surprising move from the Dallas County Sheriff’s office, new details have been released in the Cassidy Rainwater investigation. For an office that previously spoke scathingly about internet speculation, the details released give the public a disturbingly close view of Cassidy’s last moments.

Investigators uncovered over 200 pieces of evidence were recovered from 386 Moon Valley Road where James Phelps was living and Timothy Norton was using as an address while on the road. According to the Sheriff’s Office, they do not believe that Timothy and James have any other victims. It is clear, however, based on the text messages collected that James and Timothy planned and collaborated heavily on this heinous crime.

We will not be relaying the details of Cassidy’s death here. We hope that Justice is found quickly in this case.

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