LOCATED: Bradley Sanders of Seymour

Update 1/17/2022

After several days of searching by multiple agencies, family, and friends, the body of Bradley Sanders was located in the Cedar Gap Conservation Area.

Original Article

Brad was last seen on Wednesday January 12, 2022 leaving his residence in Seymour, Missouri. The vehicle he left in was found at Cedar Gap. Bradley is considered missing and anyone with any information please call the Seymour Police Department at 417-935-4200

Update 1/16/2022

Due to weather Saturday, Missouri Highway Patrol was unable to deploy their plane or helicopter, but heat imaging devices were used in attempt to locate Sanders. Wright County Deputies, Seymour PD, and Conservation have been involved in the search of Cedar Gap Conservation Area.

According to Seymour police, several people are continuing to search the Cedar Gap Conservation Area today.

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